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Photo Contest: As many of you know, we’ve been working on redecking platforms over the last year. We are in need of high quality GREAT colorful photos of people having a good time / tents on each newly redecked platform. IF you have a photo which would be good for marketing the newly redecked platforms and are willing for us to use your photo on facebook, our reservation system or for marketing purposes, here’s how our contest will work:
Please email your photo to with a caption, the platform name and the month and year of your stay that can be used with your photo which we will post on facebook, if we think it represents our goal. (If it’s out of focus or basically determined to be unsuitable then we would have the option to disqualify it from 1) posting it on facebook/general use and 2) the drawing). Also for the drawing email us 1 name of a person that would be entered for a drawing as a contact person, phone number and email address, list the date of your platform stay and the name of the person that had original reservation for your stay.
The contact person for the photo will be entered into a drawing for a future free two night stay with a group of your choice on one of our platforms. Your future camping group can be determined later. If we get a lot of good photos this spring, we will draw at the end of spring. If not many photos are submitted, then we will continue to collect names until fall. OR We might have 2 drawings depending on how this goes as this could be fun!
The platforms that qualify for this photo contest are: Tusca, Tillery, Bluffs, Conine, Beaver Tail, Beaver Lodge, Three Sisters, Royal Fern, Bear Run, Otter One, John’s Island, and Holladay Island.
See In the News below: We invite you to: Enter Photo Contest!
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