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The Bluff Near Hamilton
September 14th was a beautiful day and my wife off handedly commented that we should go camping. Be still my foolish heart! I love camping, and we had not camped in two years. But where?
Kayaking and Canoeing on the Roanoke River, N.C.
Ever since I read the article in one of my many outdoor magazines, I have wanted to visit the fl oating platforms on the Roanoke River.
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Dr. Brian & Friends Run with the Bears and Find Lost Boat!
Four of us made the trip in May from Jamesville to Bear Run platform and out at the lighthouse in Plymouth on the Roanoke River. With one substitution, we paddled this first weekend in November from Windsor to Lost Boat platform and out at Sans Souci (without worry) on the Cashie River.
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The Motley Crew Returns to Try Out New Platforms
It started to rain as we headed out on a Friday afternoon from Windsor and paddled down the Cashie River to spend our first night at Lost Boat platform. Paddling in the rain may not be for everybody, but as we dismissed our visions of a sunny day, we found ourselves enjoying the wonderful solitude, the patter of rain drops on the water and the mystical beauty of the misty river.
Camper Comments
I wanted to write a "Thank You" to you all. It was a wonderful experience. I have done the entire length of the Everglades. I would put this on a par with that. This note is just to express my thanks for all of the time and effort that you have put into making this a reality.
Student Group Weighs In on Beaver Lodge & Beaver Tail
On the weekend of October 8, 2004, we traveled down to the Roanoke River to work with Roanoke River Partners and The Nature Conservancy on a service project. Our group of twelve students started on Saturday at Roberson's Marina and canoed down Gardner Creek to the Beaver Lodge group platforms.
Scott & Friends paddle 40 miles and love it!
We stayed 3 nights and paddled a total of around 40 miles. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys camping and paddling. You won’t find a better combination of the two anywhere! There is so much to explore and the wildlife is just incredible!
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