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The Bluff Near Hamilton
September 14th was a beautiful day and my wife off handedly commented that we should go camping. Be still my foolish heart! I love camping, and we had not camped in two years. But where? A friend of mine recently mentioned the Roanoke Rivers Partners camping platforms so after checking the website for availability, we chose The Bluff Near Hamilton. It is land accessible, and we had no time to travel somewhere by kayak.

The next day was Saturday and again a beautiful day for the out of doors. Packing everything, my wife packs for an expedition no matter what, took longer than expected and by the time we neared the road access to the campsite the shadows were growing long across the fields. Then I missed the road. Missed it again. In frustration I checked our iphone and found we had stopped on the farm path leading to the campsite.

I parked at the footpath and walked expectantly through tall hardwoods in the gloom of dusk down to the platform. Wow! It was amazing...a well-constructed screen house and camping platform elevated over the marshy bottomlands with a narrow boardwalk down to the river. We immediately fell in love with the view and the ambience.

After a vegetarian dinner cooked on my ancient camp stove we turned in for the night. Screech owls, great horned owls, barred owls, katydids and more, serenaded us in the pitch-black night. Sleep was fitful, but the experience was unforgettable.
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