Development of Our Rosenwald River Center
Hamilton Rosenwald School Today
Hamilton Rosenwald School in 2007
RRP is working with local and regional river communities to preserve the historic circa 1919 Hamilton Rosenwald School which will serve as a River/Visitor Center and an interpretive site to tell the "Rosenwald Story."

We are excited to report that upon completion of this historic renovation, this site will be re-purposed as: a river/community center; an interpretive site to tell the Rosenwald story; and an economic incubator to cultivate eco-tourism and cultural heritage initiatives throughout the Roanoke River Region. Soon it will once again serve as a vital hub in the community where it has survived for almost a century!

Since acquiring the Hamilton Rosenwald School in 2007, RRP has been working with regional representatives to preserve this historic building as well as its legacy.

To date, about 100 former students have been identified and added to our Rosenwald database. Some have been interviewed in an effort to capture their memories of this historic school.

On September 11, 2010, a reunion was held at the Hamilton Fire Station to bring folks interested in the project together. Over 100 people from nine counties attended. Those in attendance included former Hamilton Rosenwald alums; alumni from other regional Rosenwald Schools; and a host of regional folks interested in this exciting preservation project.

Among the related historical artifacts collected so far are: a desk bell used by Edna Andrews~ a beloved teacher at the old school; a collector's set of McGuffey Readers and a book from the Dick and Jane series a doll in period dress; a recipe for school soup; a segment of 16 mm film from 1939; and some old school photographs. Additionally, some books which contain information about the Hamilton School and others about Julius Rosenwald have been gathered. Upon completion of this renovation, this collection of cultural heritage treasures will be housed in our Rosenwald River Center in Hamilton, N.C.
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To buy a copy of our book, Hamilton Rosenwald School Preservation Story: Preserving the memories, the faces and the place, which contains an overview of our project and our findings, or more information about this historic preservation project, please contact us.

Hamilton Rosenwald River Center Sponsors

  • The Lowe's Charitable and Education
  • Foundation Preservation Fund
  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • The Conservation Fund"s Resourceful Communities Program
  • The Covington Foundation
  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina
    Mid-East RC&D Council
  • Historic Hamilton Commission
  • The Town of Hamilton
  • A host of generous private donors
  • Our devoted alumni and project volunteers
RRP thanks the many contributors of time, energy and money to this preservation project. With your help we are breathing "new life" into this historic school and with your continued support we will be able to open the doors of the Hamilton Rosenwald School in time to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019! 
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For more information about this historic preservation project, please contact us.

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Hamilton Rosenwald School Preservation Story:
Preserving the memories,
the faces and the place.

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