River Landing
River Landing offers a totally new and different experience in Roanoke River Partners' camping platform facilities. At Williamston, this campsite features a screened and covered building with a private, gated entry off a beautiful river boardwalk. Access to restrooms and showers are only a few feet away. The River Landing Boardwalk has picturesque views of the Roanoke River Wetlands across the river. The Boardwalk, platform, and restroom facilities are fully handicapped accessible. The Platform is elevated above the wetland floor, and while less than 1 mile to downtown, provides a very scenic and convenient location to access the Roanoke River. The mouth to Sweetwater Creek is less than 1 mile downstream of the platform and provides for easy paddling through pristine waters lined with cypress trees and abundant wildlife. Just across the road is a tackle shop that can provide all your needs for fishing from the Boardwalk. NC Fishing License regulations are in effect. Ample parking is available in the designated Boardwalk parking area across the street.

This platform is only a short walk to the connecting Skewarkee Trail (paved walking/biking trail) and it is also convenient to downtown for provisions, a pizza at Domino's, or land excursions to view the historic downtown district or historic residential districts. Upstream of the platform and within walking distance is Moratoc Park which has been renovated and updated to accommodate a wider range of uses for the community and visitors to our area.

Moratoc Park was the area first inhabited by English settlers to Williamston. It is believed to be the site of the earliest skirmish in the new world between English and Native Americans in 1586 approximately 2 years prior to the "Lost Colony" event. Moratoc Park includes an original one room schoolhouse and original log tobacco barn.

*Campers reserving this campsite
should acquire the bathroom and shower codes for the locks from RRP after making their reservation.

About River Landing's habitat...
GPS N 35O 51.60'  W 77O 02.497'
Platform GPS Location
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