Bear Run
The Roanoke provides habitat for many species of mammals, fish and birds....just one of the benefits for paddling campers. Although bears have not been seen near the Bear Run platform, they've left "evidence" nearby, so campers should use bear-territory precautions with food storage and basic safety. 

Bear Run's main camping platform is a spacious 28 x 16-foot area accessed by two large stepping platforms which rise up from a long boardwalk. The "privy" is located along the boardwalk. A large dock welcomes boaters and makes this an option for motorboats (except in severely low water levels) as well as paddle boats. You will hear some sounds of civilization on this platform (you're only a couple miles from Plymouth)--which is less "remote" than Barred Owl Roost, Beaver Lodge and Cypress Cathedral--but still wild, beautiful...and easily accessible directly from the river.

About Bear Run's habitat...
GPS N 35O 53.071'  W 76O 48.606'
Platform GPS Location
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