Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Are mosquitoes and other biting insects a problem?
A: At some times and in some places, more than others. Always bring insect repellant, although most mosquito repellents with DEET and the ususal ingredients are not very effective at repelling deer flies (locally called yellow flies. During July, you may want to add netted hats to your supplies because of the deer flies. Long-sleeved white or light colored shirts are helpful, too. In normal spring and fall weather, insects are not bothersome. On platforms surrounded by water like Beaver Lodge, Beaver Tail and Barred Owl Roost, campers usually see mosquitoes only around dusk. Most campers retire into their tents until just after, when mosquitoes are usually gone. Yellow flies are not normally seen at these platforms but may be encountered in the larger creeks along the way. Weather conditions and even water levels can make a big difference in insect conditions.
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