Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: What should I bring on my camping trip?
A: Useful items include a pop-up tent (must be free-standing and we recommend that you have one with good screening) and/or a tarpaulin, food, bedding, a camp stove if you want to cook (no campfires allowed at platform campsites, even on nearby dry ground), water for drinking and sponge baths, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first aid kit and cell phone(although a useable signal may not be available at all points along the trail). You MUST bring your own camping toilet. If you do not have a camping toilet, you can use a 5-gallon bucket with a lid, fitted with a heavy-duty plastic bag (a trash bag works.) Kitty litter helps absorb odors. ALL waste must be disposed of properly when paddle trips are over. DO NOT dump waste at or near platforms! There is NO running water or electric hookup on platforms. All food and debris should be stored in air-tight bags or containers so as not to attract bears or other animals. Bears are prevalent around some platforms and this warning must be taken seriously!
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