Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: What safety gear should I pack?
A: A personal flotation device (PFD/lifejacket that fits well is the first thing you should pack for each paddler! A cell phone (although it may not get a clear signal at all points along the trail), insect repellent, sunscreen, extra clothes for inclement/cold weather or to replace wet clothes (water rings out of some fleece well), a hat and sunglasses, a flashlight with fresh batteries, plastic bags that "zip" to keep phone, flashlight, matches, snacks, and other non-waterproof items in, plenty of drinking water in separate containers, a bilge pump or water scoop, An extra paddle is a good idea, too. If you are camping in bear country (Royal Fern, Otter One) be sure you have containers that can store food and refuse well enough that bears cannot smell either. Do not leave paper towels or other debris that may have food or food odors on it unstored. Leave an itinerary with family and with the reservation clerk, and stick with it.
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