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Calendar of Events
February 15 2020
Roanoke River Underground Railroad Trail-- Community Connections
This will be an all-day event coordinated by the Alliance of Greater Eastern NC at the Vernon James Center (207 Research Station Rd.) in Plymouth, NC. The day will begin at noon with a Roanoke River Underground Railroad Trail presentation by Roanoke River Partners followed by a light lunch which will be served along with the viewing of the movie, Harriet. Additional historical enrichment activities, art exhibits and a panel discussion on college and careers are planned. These activities are free to the public. A Jazz Concert by Connected— will take place from 5:00-7:00 pm. This portion of the event is $20 per person. For more info, call (252) 412-7067.
Contact: Joyce with Greater Alliance for Eastern NC
Phone: (252) 412-7067
Email: n/a
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